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White Wine


Dry ambr wine made from 100% Rachuli Tsolikauri grape.

The autumn of 2023 proved to be a warm and bry season, facilitating the graps’acquisition of moderate acidity levels. Furthermore, the grapes enjoyed ample sunshine before picking, leading to the accumulation of suger that ultimately resulted in the wine containing 12% alcohol content.
Harvesting in Racha typically commences in the latter part of autumn, wuth the 2023 grapes harvested between October 15-17, The maceration process lasted for 14 days, followed by a 3-month maturation period in qvevre, after which the wine underwent a further 1 -month aging process in bottles.

Pour the amber wine and prepare to meet the intoxicating aromas. The aromas of rich, ripe peach and green apple alternate with each other, creating a very interesting bouquet of aromas.
Rachuli Tetri is more than just wine - it's a celebration.

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